Sunday, June 21, 2009

Learning new habits

Shado is progressing! Cesar would say that I am the one progressing, haha. We walked by one of the houses where the dogs behind the gate become totally out of control - and, like one cool dog,
Shado just walked by and totally ignored them. WOW!

I felt totally empowered and had to hug him. Whatever he thought I don't know. But I earned some licks on my face.

New behavior is hard to adopted, whether it is humans trying to re-direct a thought pattern or a dog trying to be casual when dogs around become vicious. I identify with Shado's habit of reacting. And I know that is all it is - a habit. He is well on the road to having a 'new habit' of being COOL!

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Mary said...

So what did you do to move him past the barking dog problem? It obviously worked. Good job!!