Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cousin Vinnie's visit ends

Our cousin Vinnie went home. His people returned from their weekend holiday, and Vinnie's weekend with us ended, too.

We took him to the dog park early Sunday morning. It was so HOT, all the dogs hung out near the watering holes. Vinnie parked himself by our water bucket for a few minutes...

Most dogs enjoy socializing at the dog park. Our nearby park is about 3 acres, a delightful place for running and walking and playing frisbee. The park is Quail Run, maintained by the city of Mesa. It is a really nice place - when it rains, the park becomes a retention basin for the water run off. The rest of the time it is a grassy shady place for exercise and canine curiosity.

When we were leaving the park with three of our dogs, we were followed by this little guy - a Sharpei mix?I have seen him there before - I think he is a youngster with a great attitude and lots of curiosity. He never makes a sound, he just walks by and smiles!

How can you not smile back at his face!

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Mary said...

love the photo of Vinnie :c)