Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Never a bad day...

It is hot, and it stays hot. Night and day, over and over. This is Phoenix in July.

But I have a role model - his attitude is one I aspire to. I want to be like Toby and believe every day is the best day in the whole world!

Every person is a good friend, every meal is delicious, every ear scratch is right on target, every game of fetch is FUN FUN FUN. Every nap is the deepest, most refreshing nap ever. Every car ride is an adventure like none before. Every walk communicates new smells and new sites. Every day is THE BEST!

Can we go now?

1 comment:

sealaura said...

your pup is so adorable! thanks for the book suggestions I will definitely check those out. did you live in socal before? I see you like pasadena a lot :) hope you are having a great day.