Wednesday, August 26, 2009

From the office window and beyond

As I unlocked my office door this morning, I noticed movement outside the window. These guys were certainly having fun!

These are gambel quail. They are ground-dwelling birds that run more than they fly.
They have a delightful top-knot on their head. One friend has an odd description for them when she sees them running - she thinks they look like 'church ladies' running for the late service!

I have been told this was the logo of Thunderbird Field (circa 1942). The thunderbird design has changed MANY times over the years. One time it was re-invented in the ying/yang style, to emphasize our student body.

In front of the Tower building is a blue rising phoenix - or is it a thunderbird?

All these photos were taking early this morning. The sun was still rising and the shadows were long.

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