Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just 25,000

My mother-in-law attended this little church when she lived in Wautoma, WI.

I found this tile in her kitchen cabinet. The church looks so inviting, so 'midwestern' compared to our church styles in Arizona.

Wautoma is the county seat of Waushara county. It is located about 80 miles north of Madison. The population of the whole county is roughly 25,000. I enjoyed many of the stories MiL would tell me about living there - about the snow at their farm, about the mosquito infestations all summer, about knowing your neighbors.

I think of 25,000 people - I pass that many on my commute to work. Arizona State University, the huge university I drive by every day, has more than DOUBLE that number of students. Attendance at an average Arizona Cardinal football game is over 60,000 fans.

I dream of 25,000 people - living in a county of that population. Having a farm where the dogs can run in snow and between mosquitos. And knowing my neighbors, seeing them at church.


altadenahiker said...

Oh, this will make me bury my nose in childhood books. I like to think life can be that gentle.

Brenda's Arizona said...

Oh, great idea! I have the Secret Garden right on my shelf... think I will have to read it again (and again!).