Thursday, August 27, 2009

The lake is deep with life

These photos of Canyon Lake show the depth of the life found there. These are photos I took over the years.

From bighorn sheep

to a blue heron

To cactus and shrubs

And humans driving over the one-way bridge that leads to the only boat ramp.


altadenahiker said...

Your pictures are fantastic Brenda. Imagine, seeing a big horned sheep where he actually belongs -- outside a zoo.

We have the usual suspects around these parts -- coyote, bear, deer, wildcats. Any siting is a thrill.

altadenahiker said...

Sighting, I mean. (At least I didn't spell it "citing.")

FA said...

I got excited when I saw this post on Canyon Lake. I spent a lot of time at Canyon Lake, California water skiing in my younger days. But, I quickly realized that this is not the same Canyon Lake. Yours is much more beautiful. Great pictures!

Jedediah said...

Gorgeous photos, I'd love to visit!
Thank you very much for following my blog :) Greetings from a fellow librarian!

sealaura said...

beautiful shots! love those amazing moments when you get to capture nature's beauty. I saw one of these when I was driving through colorado and I was just amazed by how cool yet unreal the image seemed. hope you are having a great weekend.