Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Not all old becomes new again

Thunderbird Field was a pilot training base during World War II. After the war, the base became a non-profit graduate school focusing on foreign trade. Now it is known as Thunderbird School of Global Management. And it is where I have the pleasure of working. The school consistently ranks in the top worldwide for its graduate degree in international management.

A student led initiative on campus is underway to restore the old base tower.

But not all buildings on campus are being restored or renovated.

The old base barracks became campus dorms and were used for years. But now most of the old barracks are empty. Some have plywood over windows, some have old blinds.
And some - you can see right through the windows to the back side of the building.

The school has a charm I cherish. When I was a child, my father worked with several 'Thunderbirds'. I would bounce in excitement when a 'Thunderbird' would come to our house for dinner. They all had such interesting life stories, and in my childlike mind, their stories all came from Thunderbird.

Will Counts of Thunderbird maintains a blog on the Thunderbird Tower renovation. Enjoy it!

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