Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tractors, airplanes and railroads - Day 1

I just got returned from a whirlwind 4 day trip through America's midwest. I met up with my husband at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport and we headed west to Fargo, ND. Our goal was the Big Iron Farm Show at West Fargo.

The Big Iron Show is a favorite exhibition "fair" of ours - and even though we live in the arid southwest, farming in the midwest is a future goal of ours.

The Big Iron Show not only displays all kinds of farm machinery, livestock equipment and an excess of tools, "fair" food is available for purchase.

Hanging out with the farmers and the machinery acts as a reminder of the future hard work we will face.

The photo above not only shows display of machinery, the 'trailer' is a super-duper ice fishing cabin. It was totally self contained with a microwave, television, beds and chairs, and holes drilled in the floor for dropping through your fishing line.

This photo shows more machinery and
one of the dozen grain bin displays set up.

Not all future farmers are our age. Some are still in pre-school!

These are deer stands - totally outfitted for your hunting needs. Farmers have hobbies, too!

After the day in West Fargo, we drove on towards Omaha. Over the days, we visited the Strategic Air and Space Museum, followed by a morning at the Union Pacific Railroad Museum in Council Bluffs, Iowa. More on those in the next posting. Right now, I have four doggies needing hugs and rubs!

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sealaura said...

welcome back! love those little teeny tiy future farmers of america!