Saturday, October 24, 2009

The birthday hike

Today's my husband's birthday.
I remember being as young as he is now...

Anyway, since the mornings are staying cooler, we decided to take Toby and Shado for a hike.

This photo is actually me with my Shado.

New trail, but the sights remain the same.

The dead-looking cactus above is an ocotillo. Altadena Hiker, this is for you! They aren't in bloom right now. After a rain the tips of the twigs become covered in red/orange blooms. Can't wait to snap a shot then.

Toby and Shado really love hiking with us. They both keep their heads up, drink water right from the Camelbak tube, and carry on for as long as we do. And then they are ready to ride home and take a good nap.

This isn't the post I had in my mind all day - I want to respond to my sister-in-law's query about the ornate loveseat/Argentina saga of alligators and snakes and rain pouring in the house... I just have to find the right photos to include in that story. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have it all together, but it seems a shame to leave the dogs and desert behind!


sealaura said...

lovely hike photos and your babies look so sweet and tired. I bet you all had a ball and hopefully a good nap afterwards.

Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA said...

That dead-looking cactus is still a spectacular photo-- I can't imagine how lovely it is in bloom. You should be saving up all these great photos and put together a "lovely desert" picture book. What a lovely coffee-table book that would be!

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

Seems you all enjoyed your husband's birthday. The pictures look awesome. Desert is such an amazing habitat.
Happy belated birthday, Brenda's husband! (;

altadenahiker said...

I love these photos, glad we didn't miss out.

I've lost several ocotillos, they're not fond of something around here. I did nurse one along for several years, but my gardener thought it was dead one winter and pulled it out. Waah!