Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sophie debuts at the Railfair

Yesterday we went to the annual Railfair at the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale.

We go every year and this year we took Sophie along, in her debut 'how well do I behave in public' appearance. Sophie is about 2 years old now and I was curious how she would tolerate lots of people, lots of bumping, lots of children wanting to touch and poke her, and lots of noise.

Sophie was totally awesome!

She did not jump once; she never growled or pulled away; she walked right with us listened to our commands. My heart was leaping with joy! Maybe her next step will be therapy dog training... She seems to love to have a job.

The railpark is home of one of the Merci Train boxcars. In 1947, United States collected donations of food and items that were sent to France and Italy. These donations were collected here in the US by the 'Friendship Train', which crossed the country, stopping along its route to collect the donated items. The result was 700 train cars of donations that were then shipped across the ocean.

In turn, France thanked the US with the 'Merci Train' - 49 French train cars loaded with gifts and token of appreciations. Each existing state (plus Washington D.C. sharing with Hawaii) received a train car.

The train cars were called Forty and eights,

meaning they could carry 40 men (troops) or eight horses.
(note the little white sign towards the top of the boxcar)

McCormick Stillman Rail park also has a 5/12th scale train that runs around the park,
offering rides for children and adults alike.

We didn't ask if dogs were allowed to ride... sometimes you just know better.


FA said...

Sophie looks like she really enjoyed herself!

Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA said...

THe story of the "Merci Trains" is so wonderful! I love WWII stories-- it seems like we had so many more loving friends across the ocean back then. But it's great hope for the future-- that even during a dark time like WWII, all of us can come together as human beings and really help one another. What a wonderful story!

Cherie said...

oh my! looks very enjoyable!! would love to go for a ride one day!