Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scenes from a hike

Early yesterday morning allowed for a hike with Shado
through some of the Usery Mountain preserve.

I guess I was in the mood to shoot photos of dying cactus.

Depressing, isn't it.
I think we have been without rain for 80 days.
This reminded me of a cross on the hill.


Joanne Casey said...

What a wonderful landscape. It makes me want to travel so badly.

altadenahiker said...

So Brenda, the cactus are dying of thirst? that's very sad; and scary.

Brenda's Arizona said...

Karin, I am not sure why the sudden collapse of these guys. Their skeletons look very dry, but the arms look fat. It might rain this weekend (I think I will wash the car, always rains after that, right?), and if so the desert hike should change completely!

sealaura said...

lovely desert pictures! have a great weekend. hope you can get in a beautiful hike with your pups! we are considering taking the boys up to big bear or a little bit up the mountain so they can see some snow, that is.. if it does melt too quickly. we finally got a few sprinkles in Socal.