Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beth - the matriarch?

 Beth is my mom's dog. 
Beth has always been the 'puppy' of her household, never having to be a grown up dog.
 So Beth totally adopted the puppy lifestyle. 
Rides in the golf cart.
Romps with older, more tired dogs.
Car rides from the back seat, a window of her own.

She was given the middle name of Marie.
Beth Marie.  Bethy M.
No, let's go one step further - Elizabeth Marie.
Sounds like royalty, doesn't it?
  Beth is now 9 years old. She has shifted gears and has become the matriarch of our dog world.
The dogs that E. and I have are all younger than Beth. 
So when Sophie shows up at Beth's house, the grumpy old grandma is drawn out from Beth's mindset.
Beth is not amused.

When Gus shows up, Beth is both annoyed but hopeful that a canine her own age has appeared. 
Truth is, Gus is younger but has the mature demeanour.
Beth is slightly amused.
But at the end of the day, Beth resorts to her matriarchal ways.
Walk out to the mailbox at 4 p.m.
Check for strange traffic up and down the street.
Sniff the flagpole.
Supper at 4:15 p.m. 
Special treat at 6 p.m.
Sleep at dusk.


BANJO52 said...

Handsome dog. Her routine sounds like mine.

Actually, some guy at a dinner party swore that he knew a guy who knew a guy who urinated all around the boundaries of his yard to keep dogs and other critters away. I never saw the dinner party guy again, so I question the veracity, but who am I to say . . . ?

Diane AZ said...

Lovely dog, she does look like an Elizabeth Marie. Interesting how she reacts differently to Sophie and Gus when they visit.

Lori Skoog said...

Beth still looks like a puppy. She is very beautiful and has a great life with your Mom.

Sam said...

Beth still looks young... She is so very beautiful!


altadenahiker said...

Banjo, I believe that's a urban myth. Or a very popular passtime.

Beth is very expressive. Of course, part of that is your ability to capture it all.

Joanne Casey said...

She's so soft and fluffy looking :-)

FA said...

What a beauty! She has great posture and perky ears.