Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Better than a Mustang?

What could be better than a Mustang?

Why, a Mustang & Mustang Show.
Cars and planes.
Featuring beautiful girls to pose with YOUR Mustang by their Mustang...
It is easier to spot a Mustang auto on a freeway than a Mustang plane in the air. 
But our nearby "retired" World War II base still has a few planes and displays them occasionally.
The planes are a nice compliment to the cars. Only thing missing were the horses (Mustangs).
(and sadly, Steve McQueen didn't show...)


Susan at Stony River said...

That looks like fun! My son would love it. I have a photo of him with a Mustang when we went to America on holidays this summer.

(I'm envying your blue skies too, btw...!)

Gail said...

A great way to spend a day

Tash said...

Wonderful photography here and a complete story in pictures! So well done - the planes, the girls, the cars, the color, yup - a Steve McQueen look alike would of been icing on the cake.

matthew houskeeper said...

I haven't been to this type of thing in years.