Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's a beautiful morning

It's a beautiful morning... even the Rascals thought so.
A perfect morning to sit in the gazebo and listen.

It's a beautiful mornin' ahhh
I think I'll go outside a while
And just smile
Just take in some clean fresh air boy
Ain't no sense in stayin' inside
If the weather's fine an' you got the time
It's your chance to wake up and plan another brand new day
Either way
It's a beautiful mornin' ahhh
(The Rascals from
It is one of those "windows open, breeze blowin'" mornings... and you beg for the rest of the day to be so simple.
 Even Gus feels the beautiful morning. And you hope he never changes either.


Ashley said...

Awww, is he drinking out of the fountain?

Stella said...

Gus is movie star handsome!


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

OK, I now need that fountain for my life to be worth anything at all. Is that your sunroom / greenhouse/gazebo? Do you won that fountain?

Great song! Thanks for reminding me to add it to my daily play list!

Gus is not anly handsome, but VERY intelligent!

Pat Tillett said...

very nice! beautiful photos also.

Shelley said...

Gus is so gorgeous - his eyes are so mesmerizing! I think Scout now has a crush! :-)

Emma Rose said...

We love that song too. Thoses mornings are absolutely the best!

C. Pinheiro, EA ABA said...

That fountain is fantastic!!!

Great picture. I am a huge lover of fountains and birdbaths myself, even though I have a bit of a brown thumb. My houseplants all survived this year-- maybe I'm getting better.

Diane AZ said...

Wonderful way to celebrate a glorious morning. It is great to be able to leave the windows open for a while.

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Great picture of Gus..
We had that beautiful weather on Friday then it decided to snow last night.. Spring where are you?

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

Ahhhh, a blogger after my own heart - love your doggie!

altadenahiker said...

I love all the canine avatars on this blog. You have a gazebo? Wow.

Brenda's Arizona said...

The fountain came from a 'park&swap' after we saw it in a boutique pet shop. We just got lucky finding it!

The gazebo isn't very big, but it is full of plants, a glide/swing, chairs, and we laid a brick 'floor' for it. It's nice - even has a stereo speaker hidden for instant music! Shado loves to sleep under the glide.

Shelley, my husband has a crush on Scout!!

Christy, all it takes is one good plant and then you are on a roll - maybe you are there now.

Thanks, all, for comments!

Ellen said...

I just love those dogs!

allhorsestuff said...

Lovely, very thoughtful and beautiful~
PS..GREAT find on that is one of a kind!