Monday, June 28, 2010

Born to run

The Flat-Coat has been traditionally described as 
showing "power without lumber and raciness without weediness."
(from the AKC Complete Dog Book & website)

Proportion: The Flat-Coat is not cobby in build. 

Shado is our flat coated retriever. He is our second rescue dog (2nd of 4 rescued dogs, currently) and his photo has always been the masthead on this blog.

The Flat-Coat viewed from the side covers ground efficiently and movement appears balanced, free flowing and well coordinated, never choppy, mincing or ponderous. Front and rear legs reach well forward and extend well back, achieving a long clean stride.

At six months, Shado was dumped at our local Petsmart 
by his owner. 
Shado tugged too much. 
"Here, keep him."
Color: Solid black or solid liver.
Expression: alert, intelligent and kind.
Eyes: set widely apart. Medium sized, almond shaped,
dark brown.
Ears: relatively small, well set on,
lying close to the side of the head.
Nose: Large open nostrils. Black on black dogs.

A desire to please with a confident, 
happy and outgoing attitude 
characterized by a wagging tail.

The Flat-Coat is a cheerful, devoted companion who requires and appreciates living with and interacting as a member of his family. To reach full potential in any endeavor he absolutely must have a strong personal bond and affectionate individual attention.

Shado loves nothing more than to run and play fetch. He is a powerful runner. 
This morning he and I went to a nearby water retention park, and he ran... and played fetch. This afternoon, he'll get his ears scratched, his belly rubbed, his coat brushed. And he will wag his tail all day. 


Pat Tillett said...

That's a great story! That boy lucked out when you happened to be the ones who rescued him. I always smile when I find out that a person's dog or cat is a rescue.
It's a little insight into the person...

BANJO52 said...

Have I mentioned the family who turned in their dog because they redecorated the house and he no longer matched the color scheme? Hope he found a home like yours.

Shado is a very appealing fellow.

BANJO52 said...

Re: Shado's depositor, remind me how you feel about choke chains. I used one for my rambunctious Lab (1990-2002). She didn't mind a bit and became very cooperative with no visible suffering. Some responsbile dog people (the vet? I forget) recommended it.

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

People are pathetic. But how fortunate for you that Shado's original caretakers didn't realize what a wonderful family member Shado is.

It goes back to the breeder, not educating the waanabe/clueless public.

Joanne Casey said...

Our shop is right beside a petfood shop, love seeing the dogs go by and often stop them for a pet.

Diane AZ said...

I love the AKC standards, "power without lumber and raciness without weediness...never choppy, mincing or ponderous. " For sure, Shado is one happy handsome dog. :)

Sandra said...

super dog story! better than Toy Story, much better. give Shado a hug from me.

Brenda's Arizona said...

Banjo, I have never used a choke collar. We have a nylon slip collar, but rarely use it. When walking, we use a gentle leader on three of our dogs - it is a gentle way to keep them from tugging without choking them. Otherwise, they wear regular webbed collars with tags, and Shado wears a chest harness when hiking. Does this answer your question?

Thanks, all, for your comments! Joanne, I'd be sittin' by the Pet store all day, watching the animals come and go!

Haven't seen Toy Story (and of them) - I think we live it in some ways, tho!

Kathy said...

He's a beauty!

Thérèse said...

If only Shado could read your post! lol
What a dog!
Being dumped had meant to be.

altadenahiker said...

I'll never, ever understand the kind of human being who could desert a dog. Thanks for this piece!

Kathy said...

SOOC - straight out of camera (no editing, no enhancements)

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Hey Brenda! I'm so sorry your under the weather! My sister deals with that, too. Hope you can kick it to the curb!