Friday, July 16, 2010

It is not the weather

where we are (for edward field)

i envy those
who live in two places:
new york, say, and london...

It is summer. A time to envy those who have summer homes in the mountains or over at Pacific Beach or Oceanside or paradises unknown.

... the anticipation
of the change, the chance that what is wrong
is the result of where you are.  

There is an excitement inside of us; each of us thinks we can be someone else when we change location. 
We can be the beach comber who walks in the silence of the roaring waves; 
the mountain hiker who gathers wild flowers for the dinner table; 
the relaxed, un-pressured friend. 
The soul with no timetable, no expectations, no sweat.

I am not even considering the weather, hot
or cold, dry or wet: i am talking about hope.

This is the Hope that a new location gives you. 
Hope that something/everything will be different.
Hope of a smile everyday
Hope of peace and loveliness.

I think 'hope' is a garment you can dress in everyday.
It is like your clothes. You look in your closet and find something - 
the same old something - 
to wear again today.
Hope is the same. 
You put it on one leg at a time, one sleeve at a time.
You turn around and look in the mirror at your hope -
is it fitted correctly? Is it doubled? Does it lay flat?
Is your smile hopeful?

I am not talking about summer. 
I am talking about hope.  

Can I offer you some hope? 


Tracy said...

That was "cool", and I'll take anything you can give me right now because it is HOT. Have a super weekend!

altadenahiker said...

At first I thought you wrote that, because it sounds like you. Then I went back and saw it was someone else. Like this so much.

And the perfect picture is yours, of course.

It's almost too hot to think over this way.

Pat Tillett said...

Great words, but I LOVE that wall hanging thing, or whatever the heck you call it...

Brenda's Arizona said...

I think it is supposed to be a bird feeder, Pat.
Tracy, this morning's 'low' temp was still 94 here at home. The same for you, right?

BANJO52 said...

one HOPES it cools off soon. In the meantime keep them birdies hydrated.

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

I'm stealing that for my journal and daily reminder. perfect sentiments, that in these chaotic times, will serve me well.

Thanks, Brenda! You share the nicest things!

Sandra said...

thanks for the dose of hope. looks like the sun is blowing us a kiss of hope through blog land. forwarding this to a friend right now. this is really a great post and thank you

Barb said...

What a cheery sun face - it certainly offers hope because doesn't a smile usually start with hope? Location is a funny thing. Sometimes it seems better somewhere else, but we do tend to stay ourselves no matter where we wander.