Sunday, August 29, 2010

A long ribbon of road

These days I am on a road trip with my mother, Elsa. 
The scenery is beautiful so the photos are plentiful. 

 Gooseneck State Park, Utah. 
That is the San Juan River curling around the rocks...

Church Rock, Utah

Colorado River, Utah

And a hint of Monument Valley, anyone?

Tomorrow, back on the road to Flaming Gorge. 
And hopefully, more photos. 
See ya soon!


tom sullivan said...

Great sights - thanks for sharing!

Ginny said...

Oh, these are fabulous!! I think my fave is the river winding around the rocks, but it's hard to choose! I look forward to more.

Barb said...

You have taken some spectacular shots of an area I love to visit. Church Rock does look like a cathedral.

Tracy said...

Wonderful photos. Looks like the road to heaven to me! Enjoy your trip!

Sandra said...

these are all stunning photos of the rock formations, my favorite is the gooseneck. look slike you were in a plane when you took that one, so I am assuming the road was way up high in the sky?

BANJO52 said...

Same question as Sandra about the one photo from the sky . . . These are terrific. And "black ribbon" definitely describes the road.

In Utah, I've only done Bryce and Zion, and that was a hundred years ago. Something tells me I should revisit. I wish flying were a more pleasant experience.

To repeat, it's really nice that you and the Mom can take on such a trip together. If you ever feel like writing about how the planning conversation began, I'd be interested. Thanks to you and her, I might post soon about "Mary, Don't You Weep." Scouted it a bit this morning.

Kathy said...

Great scenery. Looking forward to more!

Brenda's Arizona said...

Sandra and Banjo - the photo in the sky is taken from a cliff. The 'goosenecks' is the San Juan River running through the bottom of the gorge. It could be thought of a very very steep Grand Canyon - with the water straight below. It was awesome, and very undiscovered by tourist, commercial planners, or even main roads.

Lots of long black ribbon roads out here. Maybe they just seem to go on for miles and miles because we can see for miles and miles. Few trees block the view - just cliffs and huge rocks do!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I'm taking notes,. That goosneck has my attention (and the idea of a lack of tourists really gets my attention)