Sunday, August 22, 2010

Up on the roof

The rains came last night. The rains brought thunder, lightning, 
and a power outage. 

 This morning found E. up on the roof, hunting for the damn leak 
that dripped all night in our bedroom. 

 He handed the roof tiles down to me, and I stacked them in the wagon and in the gazebo.
He pulled the tar paper off, 
checked for soft spots in the wood, 
and discovered a drainage channel from the peak of the roof to the eaves.

And I smile as I hum "Up on the Roof", as I first heard it by James Taylor.
I don't think James was singing about repairing a leak up there... 
(the above link offers a video of Taylor singing the song on Sesame Street)


Tracy said...

Wow, you got some storm then. We got thunder, lightning and rain but nothing nearly as damaging.

Linda said...

Sorry to hear about your summer storm. You wouldn't think it to see the sparkling blue sky the day after.

Ginny said...

I hope it didn't ruin anything in your bedroom? We had a roof leak over our closet, so we couldn't see it and didn't know it was there till many things were ruined! I hope it's fixed now? I LOVE James Taylor, and as far as I'm concerned, he did the ultimate re-make of this song!

Pat Tillett said...

that sucks!

the song that entered my mind was the Beatles "fixing a Hole."
(or something like that)
Is this what they call your monsoon season?

Sam said...

That was quite a storm last night, wasn't it? I thought your roof had been damaged when I first saw photos - good luck getting that leak fixed!


Sandra said...

oh my, i don't ever think of AZ as having thunderstorms and leaks in roof, so it happens there to. so sorry for all the work, and hope all is well today. great shots of the roof repair work. did you take the one on the roof?

Dog Trot Farm said...

Sorry to hear about the leak, but I do love those roof tiles of yours. We too had to replace our roof (pine shakes) this summer. As far as rain goes we have had very little this summer. My garden and berries shriveled on the vine.

Lucy said...

Yeah...I've got one in my living room. Frustrating! I'm hoping it doesn't rain tonight because it sure got the ceiling back inside. You're lucky you've got somebody there to fix it. Grrrrrrr.....!

The Retired One said...

Oh, no!! Well, at least you found out WHERE it was leaking and got it repaired asap!!

altadenahiker said...
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altadenahiker said...

(Oh, too many mistakes, let me try this again.)

I'm just happy E is feeling so good! You've got to be close to 100 percent to climb up on the roof.

And now I'm going to steal something Bandit recently posted, but I told him I'd steal it, so I don't think he'll mind. It's a roofer's old adage:

"To find the source of the leak, think like a raindrop."

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Happy monsoon season!

E's feeling good enough to be up on the roof? AWESOME!

Musta been pretty freaking hot up there! Not so awesome!

Thérèse said...

Sorry for the work. But luckily you have a very talented E.
We were squished in a corner of our patio watching Monsoon No 2 as I called it... so refreshing!

Kathy said...

Here in central Phx we didn't get as much rain as you guys out in the East Valley. When my head goes on the pillow I'm out like a light ~ for at least three to four hours and then that's it. Had no idea it had rained until a.m. and I saw the puddles in the driveway!
And I thought tile roofs were immune. Silly me!

BANJO52 said...

Yes, great news about E. AND he's handy enough to do that.

AH and Bandit, I'm often told what I think like. It's never flattering, and it's never a raindrop (though I love the adage).

But if I HAD found the leak, I'm guessing I'd have covered it with a pillow. Then another pillow. And so on. Indefinitely. I'd get CHEAP pillows, you see. Whaddya think? Wanna hire me?

Brenda's Arizona said...

Banjomyn, I thought if we used enough duct tape... but NO! I doubt pillows would work either!

Thanks you all for asking about E. Yes, he bounced back fast and is back to his regular routine. For this, we are lucky.

And thinking like a raindrop! Good one, AH (per the other Banjo). I like this. If I were an raindrop in Arizona, I'd move on to Colorado and ask to become snow!

The roof took a while. We worked all morning and stopped at 1 pm. The heat/sun just got too much. By then we had the roof patched and tarred, and the new cross-wood pounded in; just the tiles had to be replaced. We went back out about 5 p.m. and worked until 7. All is done... and we will hold our breath when the next raindrop comes athinking our way!

"Fixing a hole" - that is a good one, Pat!

Elaine said...

Up on a roof is not where you want to be on a hot summer day! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that your repair indeed will keep all the raindrops on the outside of your house where they belong.

Brenda's Arizona said...

Oh Pat, I meant to add - yes, this is our Monsoon! Though some are calling it NONsoon, as rain this year is spotty.

Richard Boles said...

Ugh, leaky roofs! But then most people would opt to fix it than withstand the plopping of pans, catching water around the house. It can be very difficult when it rains, but it's worse when it rains inside your house! Hope yours is now leak-free!