Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hope and Love

Hope and Love is a poem by Jane Hirshfield.
In it, she contemplates the hope of blue heron.

Blue herons live on various places of the North and Central American continent. 

They are known to summer in Alaska and near bodies of water throughout southern Canada.
And they winter in more temperate climes.
Some herons have found their year-around home, and they don't pack their bags to migrate.

But those that do migrate - do they miss others they left behind?
Or are they solitary? 

 Do they listen for "some missing one"?

Do they feel blue?

"I know that 
hope is the hardest 
love we carry."

from Jane Hirshfield's
Hope and Love


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

I just love love love the blue herons. And I miss them! They were the final sign, that spring had finally arrived after a loooong winter!
I had a small rookery just down the street from where I lived in New England and a larger one a few miles away. Driving by there, when the rooks were hatching, was living driving into a prehistoric time warp! Sooooo cool!!!!

Strangely enough (or not)the Great Blue Heron was the symbol of war for the Mohawk Indians. Greatly repected for thire patience and stealth. If the Mohawk could not ambush thier enemies, they would postpone the attack until the enemy could be surprised.

Tghanks for adding, yet another, poet, to my list!

Naturedigital said...

beautiful heron photographs.

Brenda's Arizona said...

Stumpy's mom, thank YOU for the history lesson! I love your input!

And Costas, thank you for the compliment - your photos are the best!

Barb said...

Your Heron photos with the reflections are very dreamy - do they stay in AZ or leave?

Pat Tillett said...

beautiful photos and words...

Sandra said...

our beautiful blue herons live here year round and don't have to migrate. these are so pretty and brings a feeling of peace. very interesting comment on the mohawks, love blogging because we learn something new each post

BANJO52 said...

I like these questions! Aside from becoming a bona fide ornithologist, how can one approach answers?

The Great Blue Heron is a reason to live in Michigan. I know of no other majesty like theirs.

Brenda's Arizona said...

Barb, the blue herons near my house often 'winter' at the local riparian park; otherwise, I doubt we would see them at this elevation. I have seen them (during summer months) at lakes in northern Arizona.

Banjo, did you catch Hirsfield's last sentence in the poem:

"He slept
with his long neck
folded, like a letter
put away."

Such a picture these words paint!

BANJO52 said...

That's perfect, absolutely perfect. I'll re-read again.

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Brenda, for the record Stumpy IS the brattiest of brats...that story coming soon...

The swimming hole is in Apple Town, back east!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

we have herons in Los Angeles too. This is part of a gate that leads down the concrete embankment to the LA River

yes... that last line has a strong visual component to it. My favorite kind of wording

Brenda's Arizona said...

PA, I love that gate! Can you imagine having it in your back acreage? It would demand its own landscaping.
Thank you for linking to it!

altadenahiker said...

Certain animals make me gasp. The heron is one.

Elaine said...

Beautiful photos and reflections, both visual and verbal.

Sam said...

Very nice!