Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are you ready for???

Are you ready for some football?
In this household, we are Packer fans.
1. Because my husband grew up in Packerland. Some things, you never ever outgrow (thank goodness!).

2. Because the Packers are a home grown team. No rich owner. The Packers are a non-profit, community owned team.

3. Because the team has 'stock holders'. And anyone can have a chance to buy a share of stock... can you image 'owning' a part of your favorite sports team (and I don't mean just because your hometown team's stadium was tax-payer funded).

4. Because they are in a small market. A 'city' of 102,000 is Green Bay's home.

5. Because fans wear cheeseheads, look silly, and love their team. Because the fans sit in bleachers for each home game, in an outdoor stadium. No 'stadium seats', no cushions, no dome. And, we have moved past Farve. Wish the TV sports announcers would...

 Green Bay Packers are a community team.
And my family is part of this fun community.

Today, we have hung our Packer banner,
we are wearing our Packer t-shirts
and Packer socks,
and I have the Packer trolls lined up in formation.

Are you ready for some football?


Tracy said...

Thanks for all the interesting facts; I love football but had no idea that they had shar holders and not owned by someone rich...that makes my decision! I of course had no vested interest in this game; the Steelers are my team but all Play-off games are fun so I now have a target for that particular game...who knows, myabe I'll root them on for the Super Bowl!

Banjo52 said...

Didn't know about the bleachers! Except for that and the weather, I've always envied the Packer heritage. Gotta go see what today's lineup is. Ooooh, I think you've got the Falcons?
Tough one. Good luck.

Pat Tillett said...

I'm pulling for them and I'm lactose intolerant! (No cheese here)...

Sandra said...

I don't do football, but hubby does and he will be rooting for the packers, good luck

Tracy said...

Okay, so I had to stop back and say 'Congrats' on your win and I was happy to have rooted for them AND glad my Steelers pulled it out :)

Brenda's Arizona said...

Hey, thanks to everyone who took a moment to read and comment!
Tracy, glad your Steelers won. Maybe 'we' will meet in the Super Bowl?!
Banjo, I should post a photo or two of Lambeau Field. The simplest of stadiums - not only hard bleacher seats, but all the elements of outdoors (IE, 25 degree games in the winter...) that nature can provide.

Go PACK - the cheer continues.

Banjo52 said...

I'm not sure anybody could have beaten your guys last night! Or were Falcons THAT overrated? Congrats.

altadenahiker said...

It's over? Why did I think they were playing today.

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Mi piace la foto n.° 1
Buona serata.

minnow said...

Hope it's ok if those of us whose teams are knocked out (boohoo) jump on the Packers bandwagon!

Snapper II said...

Great Packer blog Brenda. My Sister and I were born and raised here in Savannah Ga. She married a young man from Wisconsin some 49 years ago. He passed away in 1995. She is still a die hard Packer fan.
When the Packers played the Falcons I e-mailed her and told her Bret Favre was being traded back to the packers, She did not take it to well. he he he he he