Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hours to go

Lambeau Field is empty this weekend. 

 The stadium's season is over.   
Tailgaters won't pour into the streets.
 The Brakebush Chicken truck won't be making deliveries.
The stands will be empty. 
 The ticket windows will be closed. 
The vendors will have the day off.
 Fans won't be in the bleachers hours before game time. 
No one will be at Lambeau Field.

But the team, the Green Bay Packers, will play on.
Tomorrow, the game will be played in Soldier Field.
The opponent is the Chicago Bears. 
The NFL Divisional Championship is on the line. 
Either Packers or Bears will go on to the Super Bowl.

We are nervous. Anxious. Hopeful. Excited. Scared.

 Superstitions run amuck in my mind. It is an inherited nuisance. My dad was always this way... 
Right socks? Yea, both Packer pairs are clean and ready. 
The green socks with gold toes have brought us luck...
but the white socks with green and gold might be needed at this point in the season.

Right t-shirt? Yea, the gold with green shirt has been lucky the last three weeks. It is washed, dried, and handled with care so that the team's points don't fall out of it.
The green with gold t-shirt is also ready. But I think it has run out of points. The last two times I wore it, Detroit Lions beat us followed by New England Patriots beating us. I don't want that to happen again... so the green with gold t-shirt is a bit further back in the closet. 

The game menu is set. 
Pizza has brought us wins the past 4 games.
Pizza with a side of wings. Spicy, messy wings, with bone in. We could get the boneless ones... but we haven't, and we aren't going to start now.
The pizza served on little pizza plates, one brown, one red. A little rose plate is for the discarded wings' bones.

The rally rags/title towels are in the ottoman storage compartment. The Title Towel 'sponsored by ShopKo' is E's.
The 'unsponsored' Title Towel is mine. 
No way are we swapping, even for one minute.

The spare white title towel is for emergencies. We don't/won't talk about that yet.

The Packer blanket is handy too. You never know when the snow is going to freeze your bones - even if you are sitting inside in the middle of Arizona.

Everything here is set for the win.
My dad would be pleased - once you get a winner, the routine must stick for each and every win afterward. 

No deviations, even for guests.

No deviations. 
With just hours to go, all is in its place.



Banjo52 said...

Lordie, it's gonna be hard for me to be neutral after visiting the Fanatic here.

Next year WHEN the Lions are good, we could have a problem, but for now I'll try to care more about green and gold than midnight purple. Should be a good game (he said dispassionately).

Thérèse said...

I like all these details and I will be sure to read them a second time before tomorrow. There are things I don't know... being interested but just not a NFL's "addict"!

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

It sure seems like you have all your bases covered. LOVE the details. As long as the Pats aren't on the field I can wish you and your Packers, the best of luck!

Sandra said...

so does all this mean you are a packers fan???? ha ha ho ho I am a funny bunny...good luck today. i don't do football, but hubby will be watching.

Pat MacKenzie said...

So many details - sure hope the charm works for you. I don't 'do' football either, preferring NHL hockey as long as the Oilers are playing.

Tracy said...

Hurray for the glad they won! and pretty easily, I might say!

Tracy said...

Congrats! We rooting for 'em.

Pat Tillett said...

Great post! I'm loving this superbowl matchup!

altadenahiker said...

I'm on your team.

Jo said...

This is going to be a GREAT Superbowl. Our Phinneaus has already predicted the score. I'll have to see if he's right.