Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Winter Storm

This is a lovely 'video' by my fellow friend and blogger at Las Aventuras.
Many of my misaligned gardening/back yard design come from here.
No, we don't live in the Amazon, but ideas and plant survival concepts can transfer from jungles and forests to Zone 9, to the Sonoran desert, to urban backyards wanting to be something other than just a backyard.

I hope you enjoy his video, and that you will visit his blog at Las Aventuras.


Sandra said...

beautiful video. our yard can't be classified as a garden, but a jungle created by us buying things we liked and just random planting until there was no space left to plant

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Great video! I'll be heading over to Las Aventuras next.

When I had a garden, it appeared rather jungle-ish. I liked to call it an English cottage garden. I loved the over grown, unkempt wildness of it; so many great hiding places for the wild life and myself!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

When I bought my home there was not a lot of garden design advice as there is now. I made many arbor mistakes. It's easy to put plants in but it is one big job to pull them out. My advise is to believe it when they say that the plant your holding in a wee gallon container is going to grow into an elephant (especially in my zone)

Whitemist said...

Growing up in Houston and owning a house meant having a garden, not unlike what the video showed. When on occasion, it became cold for a few hours, everything was covered in plastic and removed after the threat of frost was over.

Banjo52 said...

Nice video. Liked each scene much better than the aggregate or the music.

Pat Tillett said...

Having very little chance for frost or extremely high heats, we can grow most everything here. In fact, most everything seems to find it's way onto our property!