Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hey, Lady!

" Hey, Lady"

"Hey, LADY! Can I pet your dog?"

I turned around. A 6 year old girl on her bicycle came flying down the street. Totally not caring about the traffic behind her, she weaved and pedaled down the street, aiming for Gus and me on the sidewalk.

"Hey LADY! LADY!!! Can I pet your dog?"

This kid obviously had a mission. And no idea that riding in traffic was dangerous - for her.

"Only if you pull your bike to the curb and stand here on the sidewalk," I replied. Gus' tail started wagging. He wasn't interested in the teaching moment. 

 She dumped her bike on the curb and hopped off. "What kind of dog is he? If you pull his ears up he looks like just like a furry German shepherd. How old is he? He sure is a furry German shepherd. I think he is a German shepherd. Do you have other dogs? This is one furry German shepherd!"

She grabbed Gus' fur and looked at me for multiple answers. Her safety conscious bike riding companion pulled up, the neighbor's six year old son. I knew HE wasn't allowed to ride down the middle of the street, and I was pleased to see he wasn't. 

 I returned to the questions on hand. "He's 9 years old. We have 3 more dogs."

"Cool," Miss Bossy said. With that the neighbor boy looked at Gus. "I have a friend who has 15 dogs," he said.

"Well, I have a friend who has TWENTY dogs!" she interjected. "Twenty dogs and they are rottweilers and they are two years old and they are little dogs but in two more weeks they are gonna be huge dogs!"

"Well, I have a friend who has a dog SO BIG that you can ride it! Just like a horse!", he said. 

"Cool." Again. "Well, my friend with twenty dogs is gonna need lots of help one of these days! Oh, this is how you tell he's boy dog." She grabbed Gus' tail, held it high in the air, and she bent over to look between his rear legs. "This is how you tell. But this German shepherd dog is too furry. But he's a boy. I can tell."

And with that, the two grabbed their bikes and hopped on 'em. The young girl pulled out into the middle of the street, the young boy rode along the curb.

And Gus? He shook his fur as if to say "Kids." Then he wagged his tail back into position, yawned, and proceeded on with his walk. What could I do but follow?


Rohrerbot said...

Oh dear:) That's very funny. Isn't 20 dogs hoarding?:) I'm sure Gus loved all the attention:) Kids are interesting. I think that's how I've stayed as long as I have in teaching. It's never dull:)

Sam said...

Oh I love little kid comments. My favorite was a gal who was meeting horses (mine) for the first time in her life. She made a huge deal about how you can tell a girl horse from a boy horse. Her dad was so uncomfortable. Finally I asked how. "Boy horses", she said, "have a white stripe on their face"... I think her dad almost passed out!


Kathy said...

Gus is a cool guy. He knows how to handle the screaming fans - just like the Beatles in 1963!

altadenahiker said...

Too good, Lady. And we never really grow out of it. (This nine year old has exceptionally white choppers.)

Jo's World said...

I think that is more than just a smile on Gus's face, I think he is laughing out loud!


Elaine said...

Too funny! I love that last shot of Gus!

Randy Emmitt said...

Really fun story, glad the little girl didn't get hurt. Gus must have been a little surprised when she yanked up his tail like that.

Thérèse said...

That's what I would call team work between you and Guss!

Banjo52 said...

Cool story! You have really captured that girl. The humor dominates, but maybe only because her visit was so short. What will she be like at, say, 19?

ros@dimaggio63 said...

Hello :))
i commenti dei bambini sono molto intelligenti e divertenti !!
Mi è piaciuto molto questo post !
Il cane è veramente meraviglioso :))
Peloso ma meraviglioso ah ah ah !!!
Buona giornata.
Myriam :)

Anonymous said...

I get that with our dog, who is very accomidating and even more when 2 of his daughters come oveer to visit...the difference is our street is an almost dead end and does not get traffic and so the children can be a bit reckless