Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Excuse me

(Phoenix Zoo, Dec 2012)
"Excuse me while I kiss the sky"
These are the lyrics ('Purple Haze', Jimi Hendrix) 
I hear when I look at this photo. 
What do you hear?


Jo's World said...

I just sang the Bubble Song with Stella and Zkhat just a few blogs above. I don't think I can do two songs.

Guess Who

Banjo52 said...

oooh la la?

Kathy said...

Oh, dear, that old cowboy song where the singer is whistling/yodeling. Now you're going to keep me up all night trying to remember what it is!
By the way, I think this baboon's name is Kenny! I've met him before at the Phoenix zoo.

KB said...

Those are the perfect lyrics for that photo!!!!!!!

Marco Alpha said...

Hello Brenda,
What a lovely shot of this monkey.
Great to see!! I like this.

Many greetings,

Brenda's Arizona said...

Kenny? Kathy, leave it to you to know this guy's name! When you visit, we'll have to go to the zoo, too!

Banjo52 said...

Kathy, it might be "Cattle Call." I recommend the Don Edwards version. Or Riders in the Sky.

altadenahiker said...

We asked him how many baboons it takes to screw in a light bulb and he's counting.