Thursday, April 18, 2013

On to Part Three

I left you at the river, watching the wild horses cross to other shore.
Mama Mare had crossed. After struggling with the darn horse flies on her back and rolling in the dirt, she cried for the other horses to cross. Old Gray crossed and joined Mama Mare.

 Old Gray arrived and awaited near Mama Mare for the rest of the pack to cross the river.
Little Guy was nudged to start his short trip across the water.
Little Guy arrived and ran to Mama Mare. She immediately allowed him to nurse.
 It was easy to count I now had three horses on each side of the river. Equilibrium isn't always a good thing... So the Red Dad started across the river. Pregnant Mare and her mate stayed on the far side.

 Wait, where did these guys come from????
 Red Dad waded the river easily and arrived quickly. 
 Hence, Red Dad, Mama Mare, Little Guy and Old Gray regrouped.
 Mama Mare started  the pack of four up down river to the shade trees. Pregnant mare and mate watched from the far side.

Mama Mare snapped a comment to the Red Dad - and suddenly Red Dad engaged Little Guy in a chase around the shore.
It looked like fun, a game of chase - but was it that simple? The essay will continue...

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Sam said...

Gorgeous photos. I would have loved to see this in person. That dun mare is particularly stunning.

Sam & MargeDog