Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shado has a penpal

 Shado has been corresponding with his pen-pal and look-alike, Stella of Minnesnowda. Below is a letter from Stella to Shado.
Dear Shado!
    Hey, my brother, I can't tell you how good it was to get a d-mail from you today.  I miss you a lot when we are between meetings!
    You are way better looking than me these days because I put on a lot of weight this winter and I look pretty tubby.  Thats when I use my "back when" pictures!  ha!  I gotta talk my Mom into those mile-a-day walks you get, that would slim me down.
Stella, Shado's penpal
     You know it that I was lonesome for a family for 3 months in the slammer.  When my Mom walked by my cage, she spoke to the attendant and said she was looking for a good natured, female dog who was a few years old.  She looked at me, and said how is this dog for a disposition.  The girl told her I was happy when they brought me in, but I just get sadder and sadder as the days go by.  My Mom said, wrap her up, I am taking her home!  And she did!  I could not believe it after that long time.  I sort of went a little nutzoid when I first got here, but she talked me into settling down.
    I am trying to talk my Mom into getting me either a boy about 7 years old, or a dog like you.  She says, "get real, Stella, you can't just go out and buy a boy, and I am too old to get another dog.  You will have to just pal around with Zkhat".  Do you have a khat at your house, Shad?  Trying to pal around with Zkhat is like being friends with a short mountain lion, you never know which way she is gonna go.
     Phooey on that cranky lady that adopted you first.  No patience at all.  Brenda sounds like the best, patient with you, and gives you good walkies by your self..  I used to do that tugging stuff when I first got here,  but my Mom got me a special harness that keeps me from pulling and now she says its a real pleasure to walk with me (unless a squirrel crosses my path, then  its every dog for herself!)  Mom tried to get me to wear the Gentle Leader but, man, I just couldn't handle that thing around my mouth!
    No begging for me either, Buddy, that only gets people annoyed with you.  I will admit I used to try it when I first came, but my Mom would say "Do I come around and bother you when you are eating?"  I have to say, no she didn't, so I just let her eat by herself.  I do love to chew rawhides though, do you ever get those?
    The only time I ever sleep with my Mom is when its storming and I have to admit, I get pretty scared of the thunder and lightning,(gives me the willies) so I snuggle up to my Mom and she wakes up and talks quietly to me.  It helps!
Gotta go, I'll let you know if I can talk her into the mile-a-day deal (wish me luck!)  Looking forward to hearing again, Shado.
For Shado's letter to Stella, check out 


Sam said...

Oh sweet! How nice that Shado has a pen pal!


altadenahiker said...

Shado and Stella, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Pat Tillett said...

Pen pals are the best pals!
So darn cute...

Brite Mist said...

very cute - our Jake has his daughters visit him almost daily!

Thérèse said...

Nice pair and a lot of new adventures ahead I am sure!

Janie said...

Our Daisy is an only dog, too. We don't even have one of those mini-mountain lions for her to play with! She does like playing with her horses and a neighbor dog, though.