Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Camp

Schools start here next week. Summer Camp is over. 
We hosted a few weeks of Summer Camp. 
Think Doggy Camp.
 We offered swimming.
 And outfield practice.


We perfected hours of quiet meditation. 
And took lessons in camera posing. 
 And every evening we watch PASS TIME to improve our math skills and reasoning abilities.
Vinnie needs to discuss the last run.
And at the end of every day, we'd collapse and drift off. 
Camp is fun. I pout when it ends...
Toby, pouting.
Shado, pouting too. 
Camp is over for the summer... the campers have gone home and left us in the deafening silence and complete boredom.
Time for the housekeeper to get to work!


altadenahiker said...


Kathy said...

Too cute. I liked the pouting part!

Jo's World said...

Very sweet pups you had there. I know Vinny will be back though, and my pal Shado will sit down and write something to me. Not over by a long shot!


Thérèse said...

I would have happily joined for the quiet meditation part! :-)

Pat Tillett said...

HA! Very funny Brenda! Great photos of them cute pooches also.

Celeste said...

I think Vinnie has just stolen my heart :)

Unknown said...

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