Thursday, June 18, 2009

My own glimpse

I am hooked on Laurie's blog titled Glimpses of South Pasadena - especially her categories of houses. Since I was born in Pasadena, I am always curious about my birthplace. I have wonderful memories of my grandparent's house there. It was the house where family always gathered, where holiday meals were eaten, where New Year's Eve was spent in anticipation of watching the Rose Parade. I remember walking with my brother, parents, and uncles to the parade route and watching it from a ladder we would carry to the route.

I think Gramma's house was in the Craftsman style. California Bungalows are common, but this house has the Craftsman interior characteristics. The house had a built in breakfast booth. It had a side entrance from the driveway that my grandparents used as the front door. These doors opened into the dining room. There was a real front door that entered the living room, but I never remember it ever being accessible. The garage was detached and behind the house. The driveway was two concrete paths with a strip of grass between them. I looked through old slides and found a photo of the house, circa 1957.

I hunted Google maps for a street view of the house as it is today. My heart burned in excitement to recognize it! I hope to see it again someday.

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Mary said...

That IS cool. I'm still broken hearted that both my grandparents house and our family house have been burned down. They were such neat homes....

Brenda's Arizona said...

Wow, where were they located? In St. Mary's County?