Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The baby dog in the household is a troublemaker!

Shado's two a day training walks continue. He has made some awesome improvements! I don't take hotdogs every time we walk, so I don't think he has gotten bored with the pleasure of earning one. He does not like walking near storm drains or rain-run off grills in the gutters; he completely shuts down when we approach one.

So we just walk WIDE around them and he is content. He continues to be perfect on 'sit' commands at intersections. We walked by the 'park dogs' (a house by the community park that has loud, vicious sounding dogs who growl and bark thru the fence), and Shado did not flinch. Of course, the park dogs weren't in their yard, haha. But usually just walking by their house excites and aggravates Shado. Last night he didn't even look towards their backyard!

But then there is Sophie.

Sophie is our 1 year old gordon setter. She is sweetest, softest doggie in the world! She is also totally goofy. She loves to 'own' anything that belongs to me. My clothing is her clothing, my library is her library book, my earrings are her earrings. She seeks an opening and takes it. Shirts on the dryer rack, fresh from the laundry, are suddenly in her mouth. A library book left on the coffee table is hers to consume. Earrings left on the bathroom counter are hers to wear. My pillow disappears from the bed and turns up hours later outside. As hard as I try to keep everything out of her reach, I find she can stretch her long thin frame vertically and find anything. And when it has my scent, it is hers!

But she walks like a charm, is sweet as a button, loves life and being a part of my happiness. And she is!

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