Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the practice site

I continue to work with Shado, training him to walk in a calm manner. Actually, the training is for me, to be a 'calm and assertive' dog handler.

Shado can walk like a total gem when we practice. Our practice field is the parking lot at the neighborhood church. We walk laps, forwards and backwards, turning left, right, all around. He seems to enjoy the practice - but we don't have any distractions at this location.

Once we hit the sidewalks, he is on patrol. His senses are so sharp - a lizard running across a garden distracts him from any focus. I can usually get him right back into focus with a sit/stay. And then we begin again...

I enjoy walking him and I enjoy the challenge. He enjoys ending a successful walk with a big belly rub and a jerky treat.

But his favorite activity is to jump in the air, catching tennis balls. A day isn't complete without a few tosses, a few catches, a few twists in the air.

All the time, Sophie continues to pose for her next photo shoot!

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sealaura said...

Sophie would do well in hollywood, what a starlet!