Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One gets published, one gets dethatched

This week is Toby's chance to in the New York Times! His picture has been published in the Puppy Diaries online, but the image location seems to be changing hourly. So I am attaching his puppy photo here.

And today Sophie had her first grooming/dethatching appointment. She has long silky fine fur, the kind that can shed like crazy when you brush her. This summer has been a hot one, so she went to a professional groomer to be dethatched. Here is a photo of the mess of fur she left behind!

Sophie will be beginning INTERMEDIATE obedience training next Monday night. She is a gem at the basics, so it is time to progress to the next level.


FA said...

Our dog, Stella, got a bath yesterday. We've been doing a lot of work on the property and she's been loving the dirt and rock piles - she can sit on these mounds for hours and watch the work. So, she picks up a lot of dirt in the process.

Thanks for following Monastery Daily Photo.

sealaura said...

oh i love that face! my solution to Norm's hair is getting a white couch that matched him! ( i still vacuum of course :)