Saturday, August 15, 2009

And then it rained

Work has returned to its frantic 'the students are back' mode. Even at a graduate school, we have ebb and flow of students. The past few weeks have been our 'global' students - those who come from Latin America to spend a few weeks with us before returning to their studies in the home countries. I love this time of year - I spent whole days with my brain in 'spanish'. I even find myself rationalizing in spanish time.

When I got a special Thursday off from work, I was eager to take Shado out for his leash walking. It rained lots and lots during the night, but I wasn't prepared for this sight at our 'practice park'.

So we retreated back to the church parking lot that is behind our house. I drill Shado on walking the parking space lines, up and down, ignoring signs of activity around us. He still has this need to be aggressive, if given the chance. My goal is that he will outgrow this 'need'.

We all evolve, we all change our behavior as we grow. Shado will, too.

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FA said...

Shado sounds well trained - wow, focused and drilling the lines with activity going on around him. That's discipline.

Thanks for your kinds words on Monastery Daily Photo!