Sunday, September 6, 2009

The careful driver

It often is worthwhile to have an extra set of eyes to watch traffic when you are the driver.

First, Sophie and Shado wait carefully as the children cross the walk.

And then Sophie watches the traffic from the right as Shado prepares to pull into traffic.

Oh geez, I think we read too much into these photos!


Sharon said...

Thanks for the comment on Phoenix Daily Photo. I love these photos and your comments. It reminds me so much of a photo I took a few years ago of my dad's two dogs preparing to drive away with the car.

altadenahiker said...

Shado looks like a careful driver. (Alpha always takes the driver's seat.)

allhorsestuff said...

Read on- your thoughts into the pics! Good laughs and very creative my dear!Cute pooches.

Thanks for comin' by my place~ nice to meet you, and I will be back!
Kacy with Washashe mare~