Sunday, September 6, 2009


For some Faiths, Sunday is the day to attend mass or church. For some Faiths, it is Friday; for others, Saturday.

A new Islamic community center is being built along Interstate 17 in Phoenix. I pass the site every day on my way to work, but because of the huge sound wall dividing the freeway and the surrounding neighborhood, I can never see much of the building. In the past month, though, I have seen the dome emerge above the wall. The more I watched the dome take shape, the more I wanted to see it

This is the new Islamic Community Center under construction.

The architectural design sign shows more of the anticipated structure
And the old center site, located across the street, appears so tiny and without any of the grandeur of the new site.

As I proceeded down the street, I passed a christian church. Entrepreneurship at its finest - the cell phone tower holds the trio of crosses high into the sky.

For that moment, I traveled from the deep place in my own heart of faith to two completely different continents. Each of the two physical structures struggles to grow, to be accepted, to gather the community together.

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BANJO52 said...

A welcome, dispassionate comment about religion. Thank you!