Thursday, September 10, 2009

From the past

A few photos of dogs I have owned. Frita, the Argentine... she traveled the world with us. Our family adopted Frita when I was 6 years old. Her name came from a bag of chips - Papa Fritas!
She guarded us from shrews and lizards in India. She ate toast crusts and any crumbs on the floor. She monitored our games of 'HORSE' and '21' that we would play on our driveway in Tennessee. She loved to sleep in the sun.

And later there was Ben. He traveled my life with me.

He had quite a story. But he lived totally focused on the moment.
He became a therapy dog.
We heard lots of stories from people who had a dog that 'looked just like him'!
I knew better - no one was just like Ben!
He made people laugh, he made them happy. And he was so stubborn!

What a guy!
We taught each other trust. Isn't that amazing?

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FA said...

This post has made me think about the dogs that I had while growing up - 3 of them. What great companions for a boy. Thanks for stirring up some good memories!

Now I want to see a picture of a dog dressed like a nun - maybe we can call her Sister Mary Woof!