Monday, September 28, 2009

Leaving 'things' to chance

I know how Karin (Altadena Hiker) loves these little posters we have all around campus, so I am posting ONE more for her. Karin references them as our little 'mind control friends'. I didn't want to leave this one poster to chance...

The word is that soon we will have our set of 'study skills' mind controlling posters in our library, created and marketed by the same company. Oh, I can't wait to see how they will encourage us to work and study and score well on our tests!

I took a chance one early morning and walked down some of the older (and abandoned) barracks/dormitories here on campus. Imagine how surprised I was to spot a sand volleyball court in the middle of the quad! Obviously some of the students are maintaining it and using it, but for a moment I could hear the ghosts of past residents yelling "spike it" or "side out!".

Election campaigns for the 1st trimester students' representative to Student Government were held last week. This candidate's poster/campaign attack stopped me. His photo comparisons actually caused me to remember who he was when election day rolled around. I hope you can see each of his 'look alikes'.

But I don't know if he won... once the campaigns ended, so did my interest and it was back to work as normal.


FA said...

I don't remember my college campus (CSULB) being particularly interesting. But, blogging has a tendency to make us look at things differently. Don't you think? Thanks for sharing your perspective of the campus.

altadenahiker said...

In the library? Now I take the gloves off. Better yet, I'll go to my quiet place and visit your prior dog post.

Brenda's Arizona said...

Oh no, Karin, stay here! You make me laugh out loud - I feel like I am talking to my twin.
Come to think of it, I'll go visit the dogs, too.