Saturday, October 17, 2009

Night blooming cactus

I am not totally sure if the genus or species of this cactus.
In lay terms it is generally called a nightblooming cereus.

A common name for night bloomers in this area is the "Arizona Queen of the Night".

The night blooming cacti come in all shapes and sizes.
I think this one is a peniocereus castellae. I am open to corrections, please!!


Mike said...

Whatever it's called it is beautiful. :)

altadenahiker said...

Good job! So dramatic. Actually, I do have several of these and they do bloom. I thought queen of the night wasn't an upright, but a sprawler, with long skinny tentacles. I'll do more research and report back.

sealaura said...

I am in love with the second and third shot. gorgeous, great detail in your shot. I think I told you I love cacti, when I lived in the midwest, it always made me happy and reminded me of home.