Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Story of a day in a multi-dog household

This is a simple story of a day in a multi-dog household. I am inspired to write it only because I am reading book that emphasizes that dogs in a multi-dog household must be 'polite dogs'.

S0, Sunday was our day to celebrate E's birthday with the family. The morning was ours, to walk the dogs early, then to watch the Packers (GO PACK!), and to also root against the Vikings. All in all, an enjoyable morning.

We 'dogproofed' the house as we usually do before we left for the family gathering. Dogproofing the house consists of closing certain rooms off, picking up any 'chewable' items that might be left around, blocking off the kitchen so Sir Gus can't countersurf, and to fill all dog water bowls so they have plenty to drink. Sometimes we leave them with rawhide chewbones or Kongs filled with peanut butter. But on Sunday, we did neither. We just dogproofed the house and left.

Bad idea.

We came home to a living room of disarray. Well, just one piece of furniture was 'disarrayed'. The ottoman, which is also a storage compartment.

This is how the ottoman should look
(dog hair on the side is acceptable):

In the ottoman, we store our team rally rags,

and our Packer Dammit-doll, and a couple team blankets - and one dog toy.
We didn't know the dog toy was in there...
But our polite dogs did!

They pulled everything out of the ottoman in their hunt for the toy. Geez, if they wanted the dog toy so badly, couldn't they have just asked? Wouldn't that have been the polite thing to do?

The toy was brand new, with the packaging still on it. But we found it outside, unwrapped and used.

I guess we are truly lucky that they didn't chew the rally rags or the Dammit-doll.

Ottoman now... I wonder if someone makes 'Dammit-dog-dolls'?


Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA said...

Look at that picture! Guilty as charged!

altadenahiker said...

Did they try to rat each other out? I once had a dog, the smartest dog in all the world, and he could and did get into everything. But when we walked in the door, he'd pass the evidence to another, more intellectually challenged dog, who would then greet us with the shoe or the pillow or whatever in his mouth, tail wagging.

Brenda's Arizona said...

Rat out each other? Doesn't that defy the pack mentality??? Haha.
Sophie is probably our smartest. But she has jowls. Hence, she always has evidence of an eaten sweater or sock - with fibers or strings hanging out of her mouth. Toby has a sensitive stomach, hence he always 'emits' evidence of forbidden food. And Gus? Well, he's into everything. What can I say?