Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All things

Sunday the mother-board blew on my laptop. So I get to play with E's Macintosh and discover what photos he has stashed away here. The photos are a combined effort - some he took, some I took. What fun to find them all over again - especially when I know I should be cleaning house in anticipation of Thursday.

This one I took at a friend's wedding.
I think I was looking for the symbolism of a doorway to their new life together...

One that E took near Everett, WA, when he was working up there two summers ago.

One I took at at cowboy re-enactment.
The photo below is also of the same genre.

Canyon Lake when the water was drained for dam repairs.

Horses saddled up - with Superstition Mountains in the background.
This is just a few miles east of our house.

Our cousin Vinnie visiting on a hot summer weekend.

Me taking a photo of something??? on the Ferry in Seattle.

I am amazed at the library of photos E has on his computer. Every photo each of us shot, documenting the adoption of each dog, photos taken at museums and parties, and lasting images of our family members who no longer are alive. Those are the ones I look at the longest today... and miss each of them  this coming holiday weekend. We won't have 12 dozen home-made yeast rolls that my Mother-in-law tasked herself to bake at Thanksgiving... we won't have my father's simple prayer of thanks that left his eyes tearful and sad, but always squeezing your hand extra tight.

For everything, give thanks. Even a fried mother-board in a laptop.


altadenahiker said...

Gosh, it's always been a dream to search for Lost Dutchman's Mine.

Laurie said...

This is beautiful.

Brenda's Arizona said...

Karin, lots of horror stories of searchers never coming back.. leave a trail of bread crumbs, ok?

Laurie, thanks for visiting. You and Karin set VERY high standards to follow!

FA said...

Wow! You sure know how to find the good in a fried mother board. I wish I had that attitude when mine blew last year.

It was great seeing that collection of pictures. Please thank E for sharing.

Happy Thanksgiving!