Saturday, November 28, 2009

One more week of trying to be thankful

I hope in ONE week to have my new laptop. I am finding it difficult to always be thankful for its massive failure. Sure, I am finding new ways to spend my non-computer time, but I am weary of trying to negotiate E's computer just to upload photos or read blogs or my emails.

But, the adventure of going through the 13,000+ photos E has collected continues to enchant me.
Here are some more.

Sophie checking out her favorite sleeping spot in the back.
She loves to sleep behind the cape honeysuckle.

Water drops on one of the huge asparagus ferns in our back yard.

Surprise - a light house in California! Not in our backyard...
from a vacation in 2007.

Same lighthouse.

Little statue in the midst
of our backyard.

I am afraid to say 'more to come'.


Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA said...

I've been inside that lighthouse! I think...

matthew houskeeper said...

Do you know which one it is?
The name of it?

Brenda's Arizona said...

It is Pigeon Point Lighthouse, south of San Francisco. When we have been there, the lighthouse has been off limits, but the grounds are open. And there is a hostel there. Pigeon Point is part of the California Parks system - their website has a wonderful slide show.

Thanks to you both for your comments!

sealaura said...

beautiful lighthouse and pictures. When I start going through my photofiles i can get sucked in for hours. so many adventures, memories oooh la la! Hang in there and you will be back to your laptop! BTW I love that picture of your pup destroying the kleenex. I think God was so smart in giving them those sweet faces because they always win me over after a little destruction. What is it with dogs and kleenex???