Sunday, January 17, 2010

Transfixed for hours...

Sophie. She has never met a bee 
or an ant that she couldn't stare down.

I measure myself
Against a tall tree
I find that I am much taller,
For I reach right up to the sun
With my eye;
And I reach to the shore of the sea
With my ear.
Nevertheless, I dislike
The way the ants crawl
In and out of my shadow.

-   Wallace Stevens
I follow Sophie outside and watch how she entertains herself. For hours, she stares at one of the honeysuckle bushes, grabbing bees as they flit by.




BANJO52 said...

Cool dog, cool pics, cool Stevens poem (a new one to me--thanks!).

Anonymous said...

What about getting stung by the bee? In the mouth?! Heheheee

I don't think I focused on far end of the road, but I think I was more so trying to photograph the trees hanging over the road making that tunnel effect. It's so pretty up there at the lake. Thanks for visiting