Saturday, April 3, 2010

The box under the bed

A visit to my mom's house always includes surprises. Last week, the surprise was to go through the boxes under her bed. Boxes of photos...
A photo of your brother holding puppies from his dog, Jet.
I don't even remember Jet, much less her puppies.
A photo of you with family members at Huntington Beach.
Your mom looking a whole lot like Queen Elizabeth.
You with a puppy you vaguely remember. 
No, not Jet. This one was Zelda.
Helping your brother pack his lunch box on his first day of school.
Your brother thinking Ringo Starr is a very fine name.
And finding out you were the calendar pin-up girl for a whole year.


Sam said...

Seems like that box held a lot of secrets that you didn't know about. Love the little pups, who ever they are!

altadenahiker said...

Is that Queen Liz in front of the South American estate? Love these. Easter is a good time to unpack the past.

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

What fun! ummm... it looked more like you were UNPACKING your brother's lunchbox.

The calendar is great!

Pat Tillett said...

Hi there,
Sunday morning there will be something for you at my blog!

BANJO52 said...

These shots really re-create another era, don't they. Very nice. By the way, for some reason, I'd thought you were the older child. Now I'm clear.

Apparently your mom's in the Phoenix area too?

Diane AZ said...

You look cute on that calendar! Did you live in Southern California? I grew up in Van Nuys.

Joanne Casey said...

Fantastic! I love old photos.

Sam said...

Those look like very good things to have photos of!


Joanna Jenkins said...

What an awesome surprise! Those are great pics and your Mom really DOES look like the Queen of England. I wonder if she planned that :-)

Have a great week,

Brenda's Arizona said...

I think fashion just dictated the look. It was just before the Jackie Kennedy style came into being... and Jackie sure was more fashionable!

Banjo, I am the younger by 4 years.

The calendar was put out by the Altadena Dairy Association. "Drink Milk" hadn't been thought of yet!!

sealaura said...

these are just AWESOME!!!! you are so lucky to have so many photgraphic treasures. I do love your mom's pic channelling the queen but your bro in the first one is just adorable!!!