Friday, April 2, 2010

Shado's favorite day is everyday

"Every dog must have his day."
- Jonathan Swift 
"No matter how little money and 
how few possessions you own, 
having a dog 
makes you rich." 
- Louis Sabin 


altadenahiker said...

Oh gosh, that picture with the ball is absolutely brilliant.

"It is fatal to let any dog know that he is funny, for he immediately loses his head and starts hamming it up."
(P.G. Wodehouse)

Ain't that the truth?

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Excellent shots!

Ellen said...

I just love your pictures and am so in love with your doggie!

Stella said...

Very great pictures! When the doggy looks a bit like my own, they are even better.


BANJO52 said...

Very appealing! How do long-haired dogs do in AZ summers? Shado looks as if nothing could get him down.

AH, nice Wodehouse quote! And yes, it is the truth.

Brenda's Arizona said...

Our long-haired dogs do OK. We don't go for walks in the day, both because of the temp but even more because the asphalt temp can really burn their feet. Mostly they stay inside. Gus (and Shado sometimes) will sleep on the tile during the day, and we have found Gus sleeping outside at night, either on the grass or the concrete late at night after it cools.

Cousyn womyn, love the Wodehouse. I will have to apply the theory. haha.

Johnny Nutcase said...

beautiful pup - so happy, too! Great photos and post. I love the title, too - makes me smile! :)

Sam said...

Those are very awesome shots! What a very beautiful dog!


Powdered Toast Man said...

that last one looks like a dog I had.

thanks for the comment.