Friday, October 15, 2010


Neighborhood schools have been closed this week. It is Fall Break.
We never had Fall Break when I was a kid. GEEZ!

Monday the students all return to their classrooms. 
For some parents, it is not a minute too soon.

Yesterday, I overheard our neighbor and her 11 year-old daughter arguing.
"Fine" shouted the eleven year old, sullen daughter.
"Fine" shouted the 31 year-old fashionista mother.
"Fine" shouted the eleven year old, sullen daughter.
"Fine then" shouted the 31 year-old fashionista mother.
"Fine" shouted the eleven year old, sullen daughter.
"OK, Fine" shouted the 31 year-old fashionista mother.
"Fine" shouted the eleven year old, sullen daughter.
"Well, Fine" shouted the 31 year-old fashionista mother.

I had to walk away.
I never had Fall break from school, and I never argued with my mother. 
I missed a FINE childhood.

The State Fair starts today.

E. and I go every year, just to survey the photo exhibits, the hand made quilts, and to sit in a tiny little photo booth to take four silly black & white photos. 
We have a FINE time at the Fair.

Better than mother and daughter were having, I think!

(photo was taken by Andrew Kelly and is in the public domain).


Sandra said...

and your post is FINE! i hear things like that all the time. i think they learn it on TV since tht is what the children do on the shows now. let me say, i would not have been FINE if is said that to my mother or father. have a fine day

Naturedigital said...

Fine post Brenda.
have a Fine time at the fair too...

BANJO52 said...

Great use of one word to capture a new chunk of Americana! I was gonna say I've heard the same dialogue, but we could all say that, most likely.

Enjoy the fair. Any banjo pickers there?

rohrerbot said...

Fall break is fantastic!!! I love it, but unfortuneatly it is coming to a close. Everyone needs one of these non holiday breaks just to sit back and read....I highly recommend it. Monday we start up again and unfortuneatly, it's go go go until finals. And I guess I'm fine with that:)

Barb said...

I missed that childhood, too - and thank goodness, my grandchildren are also missing it!

Pat Tillett said...

Fall break? Nope...
Argue with my mom? Not tolerated...
photo booth photos? Every time possible...
I used to love the county fair as a kid.


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

That's a fine plan you have there, Brenda!

We wouldn't have argued with our mother either. It's part of the bigger problem the world faces today

altadenahiker said...
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altadenahiker said...

I'm not even going to say the F word. (Except Ferris, I love me a ferris wheel.)

Carol said...

Times have changed haven't they. Beautiful shot of the ferris wheel.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

My favorite part of the fair is that booth where you walk up to an available sales girl and she gives you a mini hand massage with the product "Touch of Mink" are you familiar with it?

I have a post up with a semi Arizona theme involved (or at least crossing)

Trulyfool said...


The mother-daughter face-off was chilling.


RH (aka Lucy) said...

I always say I'm going to go out to the fair. And then I never do. I hate the crowds. And the things I like to see come down to about ... very few - like animals and the quilt barn. And then I can't afford anything in there and I can't bring every single animal I fall in love with home with me and..........see how I talk myself out of it? *sigh* :)

Brenda's Arizona said...

Fine is such a fine word! You all have the 'finest' comments!!

Rohrerbot, I am sorry you have to go back to work - I feel your pain! But your students need you - and you do a FINE job, haha!

AH, I am going to have to broaden my horizons at the fair. Thanks for the 'fine' suggestion - a hand massage, eh?

Kathy said...

I want to go to the fair this year and take pictures of the farm animals and the carnies on the midway. My house closes on Thursday the 28th so I'm hoping I might get an afternoon in after that!

Powdered Toast Man said...

I hope you got cotton candy and rode an elephant.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

as talented as AH is, must we give her credit for everything? including other peoples comments?

: )