Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Camp letter #2

Dear Family,
I hope my letters from camp aren't boring. I know you will be home soon, so you will probably see me before you receive this letter. Oh well. 
Today was another trip to the dog park. We go at the crack of dawn. Sometimes only 2-3 other dogs are there when we arrived. But it is nice and cool that early, and we get a lot of running time. I have a new friend, Emma. Toby and I like to play 'keep away' with her. We get her tennis ball and we RUN away from her. It is very entertaining. 
Yesterday.... we had the dumbest craft to create. I think the dumb camp counselor read about making ear covers for dogs --- as if we need them here in the desert! 

Anyway, she cut sleeves off an old t-shirt and put the sleeve over our nose and then pulled it back to our ears.  Anyway, I will NEVER EVER do this again - and neither will Shado. Don't you agree we look stupid? And to think it was 80 degrees while we were 'crafting'. The camp counselor owed me lots of POOL time for this awful activity.

So, today:
pool time, dog park time, more pool time. 

But I think siesta time is coming up soon. I can see that Shado is already checking for light leaks. 

I won't be far behind. Camp is tiring! The bearded camp counselor has us playing 'catch the ball' three times a day - you ought to see the other guys jump to catch balls! I wait until the ball bounces, and then I steal it. But the bearded guy always finds another ball to throw - so no one chases me much.

Off to nap. I'll sure be glad when you guys get home!! I hope you haven't forgotten me...

I'm waiting for the call that I can come home!


Stella said...

First of all, Vinnie, nobody could ever forget you. You are a handsome guy and look like lots of fun. We will look forward to you coming back soon.

I don't like crapts either.


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Who could forget that face?

And where is mommy and daddy? Hopefully someplace where mommy has taken lots of great pictures to share with us!

And where is Shado and Gus?

Sandra said...

ok, now i might have to come to AZ and kiss that face that is sleeping in the second up from the bottom. i love snoozing dogs. these are great photos and glad you are having a good time

Kathy said...

Maybe I was wrong. Is Vinnie getting homesick? I got homesick my first time away at camp! It's okay, Vinnie. Your humans will be home soon and you won't have to put up with that craft counselor anymore!

Al said...

Very cute! That's one tired dog near the end. My dog has never been to camp, he doesn't know what he's missing!

altadenahiker said...

Photo #5 steals the day.

tracy said...

Wow, this looks "Ruff!"

Pat Tillett said...

I can't choose between them for my favorite! What cuties!!!