Monday, March 14, 2011

Letter from camp

Dear Family,
I arrived safely at camp. I know you shed a few tears when you dropped me off at the camp pick-up site, but I was excited. I could feel something in the air - the excitement of camp! The bow that you guys stuck on me before I left? It came off the minute I arrived in camp. It isn't cool to walk around these guys with a purple and green bow around your neck, ya know?

Anyway, they replaced the bow with a bandana. We all wear bandanas here, as if it meant something. Well, maybe it does at the dog park - people think we are special, all wearing bandanas - we are easy to spot in a crowd (of dogs). 

The first thing the 'people' here at camp did was get the pool ready. Even before it was filled with water, I was in it. LOVELY. Relaxing. OK, no water jets to try and grab with my mouth, no pool sweeper hose to chase around - but LOVELY none the less. Sophie watched me from the side of the pool - I think she is one of those scaredy girly girls, the kind who doesn't want to get her hair wet. Well, we will see.

Anyway, pool time was fun. When I got tired of the pool, I got to sit on a porch swing with cushions. No one cared that I was wet. I guess the cushions are used to this treatment. I kept waiting to hear "Vinnie, GET DOWN, NOW!" - but no one said it. Three other dogs were playing fetch and chasing tennis balls in the grass, so I just stayed my mellow-self and veggied while other camp games progressed. Just the basic stuff the first day, ya know.

After playing fetch, Sophie joined me on the swing. The human with the beard sat between me and Sophie - as if Sophie was even my type. But she is a flirt. And she is VERY BOSSY. 

Okay, day is done and I gotta catch some ZZZs. Tomorrow is dog park for starters. I hear the pool 'opens' at 5:00 a.m., when the humans get up. I plan on being the first camper in the water!!! Before bed tonight, we are watching a movie (The Day of the Jackal from 1973 - I think that is before my time) and sharing a big bowl of popcorn. I think the humans forgot how I got popcorn farts last time... OH, maybe they didn't forgot... the mandate from the kitchen is "NO POPCORN for the campers!". That's me. 

OK, peeps, that is all from me today, DAY ONE at CAMP.
More soon. 

Vinnie and my fellow/fella campers!


Naturedigital said...

A great letter and beautiful photographs from the camp.

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Now I am going to be singing, "hello muddah, hello faddah. Here we are at camp granata..." all day long!

Stumpy wants to go to camp with vinnie and Sophie! she'll let Vinnie have the pool because she doesn't find the pool to be any fun.

Banjo52 said...

You sure manage to surround yourself with handsome pooches.

Barb said...

WOW, Vinnie, what a lucky dog! You'll be completely refreshed after a bit of time at camp. (Just don't forget - no sitting wet on the cushions at home...)

Kathy said...

It doesn't seem as if Vinnie will have any problem with homesickness!

Sandra said...

i truly wish i were there to enjoy camp with you. what fun and all the photos are soooooo pretty. kisses to all of you doggie kisses

Pat Tillett said...

What a great post! I never knew you could send your dog to camp...
Very cute photos!

ros@dimaggio63 said...

Oh come sono dilci questi sguardi !!!!
Buona giornata a tutti :)

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Cats don't seem t have the same happy reaction to "camp kitty" and you'd pay in blood if you ever tried to get one into to that pool.

Elaine said...

What a great letter from camp!

altadenahiker said...

Do we get to see their arts and crafts?

Stella said...

Hi Vinnie, I am glad you are having fun at camp. I have never been to camp but I think I am gonna go to school with Norma Jean from the Porties. We might be able to ride the yellow school bus!

Oh, man, I just can't wait to see if this happens.


tracy said...

Nice to see such Happy Campers!