Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where were you?

Where were you when the power went out? That is the question everyone seems to be asking today.
A photo, from Channel 3 News shows the cause: 
I was home. No great story.

E. called on the cell from his work. No power, no work. He'd be home in an hour if the power didn't come back on by then.

Soon a banging knock at the front door told me all was not well with our neighbors. It was Drew, our across the street neighbor. "You got power?"
Obviously not. The door bell wasn't working...
"Damn. Damn." Drew repeated this several more times.
He continued: "I was writing a paper for an online class I'm taking. Using my laptop. Haven't saved in 2 days. Think it's still there?"
You can tell Drew was 'angry'. His choppy sentences/phrases gave away the seething, burning anger inside of him.
"What about your laptop battery? Is it still charged? Is the laptop still on?" I asked this knowing it was a dumb question. Of course not. His laptop battery only held a charge for the first few minutes, then it failed. And he failed to save his work.
Drew stomped back home, determined to find an internet coffee shop or fast food place that still had power. Good luck.

Five minutes later, another knock on the front door. This time, a timid knock. It was Jason, the kid from next door. Jason is going to grow up to be a nerd. But right now, he is a music lovin', computer game lovin' geeky kid.

"Your power out?" he asked as soon as I opened the door.
"Do you think I did it? I was playing a computer game... You think I did it?"
"No, Jason - it was transformer blow up at the substation. If you look way over to the south, you can see the black smoke. See it?" I pointed southward.
"Oh. Yea. Well, I thought I did it. You see, I was playing a computer game that my parents told me not to play. And they're not home, so I thought I could play it without getting in trouble - you know what I mean? And then 'BAM' the power went out! I ran out and looked at the circuit breakers, but none look blown. Are you sure I didn't blow a breaker? My dad's gonna kill me if I did."

"You're BUSTED" I laughed.
The look on his face broke my heart.
"No, no, Jason - it wasn't you. You didn't cause it, really." 

Anyway, I invited Jason in for a glass of warm lemonade. He seemed plenty upset and needing to explain his reasons for playing the 'game'. It turns out it isn't a 'bad game' - it's a game he is supposed to play with his little brother - meaning, he can only play when his little brother is home! Which he wasn't...

Warm lemonade. A heart to heart talk. I heard his dreams - he wants to grow up and be 'just like E'. He wants to be an engineer, smart, talented, handsome, have a fast car, lots of dogs, and cool games. He wants to be E.

Jason's a good kid. He'll go far with his dreams. If he doesn't get BUSTED along the way.


rharper said...

I told my DIL if it went through the night she was going to have two houseguests. Me 'n Hank. Until then, I went down to the pool and stayed there till it finally came on.

And yes. I'm sunburned again.

Shirt Shirt Shirt! I gotta remember.

Sandra said...

at least you were not bored while the power was out, that is what happens to me when the power dies, EEK no internet, no computer, no HD TV, no coffee pot Hope Drew learned he should save as he goes.

altadenahiker said...

No air conditioning?!

(E must feel very honored, though.)

Banjo52 said...

With your temps our there, that's a disaster.

Jason sounds like a keeper. Kudos to E. Drew!!! This is NOT rocket science. How can you fail to save something as important as a school paper???? Judge not . . . .

Brenda's Arizona said...

Right, no air conditioning for 4 hours. Thank goodness for houses that are well insulated.

When Drew told me he hadn't saved his work since Tuesday, I almost spit out "Even Jesus saves!" But I wasn't sure it would be a joke in his frame of mind.

Jason? Wish we could adopt him. And his little brother...

Kathy said...

I was in the Jerome. But we didn't lose power at my daughter's house. We, however, were delayed over an hour due to an overturned tractor/trailer rig near New River. With that exception, it was a perfect day!

Thérèse said...

At least you have good working neighbors who come and visit...

Pat MacKenzie said...

Sounds like you're the go-to lady in your neighbourhood. Don't most word processing programs auto save every 10 minutes or so. Hopefully he was able to recover most of his work. Lesson learned.

Diane AZ said...

I'll bet Drew will be saving his work regularly from now on!