Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The scent of rain

Virga is the rain we don't get. 

MW Dictionary says virga is "wisps of precipitation evaporating before reaching the ground" 

The Oxford dictionary says virga is "a mass of streaks of rain appearing to hang under a cloud and evaporating before reaching the ground"
We know it as a scent. 
We can smell the virga, 
but we never feel it. 
We can see it - sheets of rain leaving a cloud. 
But the rain never touches us.
Toby sits and waits for rain. 
He smells it....


Κωστής Τζαγκαράκης said...

We cannot see neither smell "virga".
We badly need the rain though with this heat wave hitting us.

Jo's World said...

Beautiful post, Brenda!

I love Toby's poem and his photo.

Stella loves to sit out on a mildly windy day, with her nose to the air, picking up scents. If she smells rain, she wants IN.

Although if the rain is there, we almost always get it!


Magpie said...

We're not even getting the virga. Rain would be so nice.

Rohrerbot said...

Here in Tucson, it's not virga lightning and downpours! Pretty amazing. I'm wondering if I should teach you another Spanish word that looks similiar to virga. It's a naughty. Replace the "i" with an "e" and then check it up in the dictionary. You may just have a good laugh. Everytime I hear that word I burst out laughing. It relates to a physical male body part or it can mean "shoot" and "darn it!" But with the darker meanings of those words:) There's your Spanish word for the day:)

Banjo52 said...

I can't hear "virga" without hearing "Viagra." I suppose that means I'm limited. And juvenile. And other bad things.

Even here in the Midwest it's been hot and dry enough that I can guess at what it must be like in the SW.

Really nice interplay between your text and Toby's photo.

lifeisaroadtrip said...

I smelled it last night, but I never saw it. I think rain is the biggest tease. My brother in Tucson has been getting rain nearly every day. *pout*

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I'm juvenile too

ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful photographs, beautiful dog. I am greeting

Pat Tillett said...

That's a new word for me! I sure do understand it though! That Toby is so darn cute...